AS 1428 – Section 11 – Nosing and Tread Requirements for Stair Construction (Public Access)

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We continue to release our in-house precis on Stair way construction. Reading the standards is terribly tedious so we have developed a way to easily cross check the requirements and to make sure that stairs are built according to standards.

Unfortunately it’s too common for us to see designers produce drawings which simply do not comply to the required standards. So it is of the utmost importance that fabricators are able to: (i) know and understand the standards and to independently verify that their drawings do comply. Only a fool would 100% trust in an architect to draw to standards – we’ve seen it way too often. You, the fabricator have to check everything yourself. Here are some of the in-house memos that we use to ensure that our stairs always comply:

We wish to share it with the world – and we hope it helps you immensely:

TEK1 AS 1428 11.1 Standards for Stairs

I hope you find it of benefit and great use.

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