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Tek1 provides Steel Detailing, Structural Shop Drawings, Building Information Modelling, Structural Steel Drafting, Metal Works, and more.

Tek1 Pty Ltd was established in 2008 as a drafting house employing one person locally precast panels. Our initial effort was to detail precast panels for a single client in Dandenong. Things have grown significantly and we currently employ two people locally and work closely with subcontractors overseas.

Steel detailing began simultaneously in 2008. We have started off with Tekla version 14, employing two people locally and none overseas. Steel detailing was a rough ride through the GFC. International competition saw the prices for detailing services drop significantly. With current trend, detailing steel in developed countries is not very sustainable, unless the quality level is flawless. Even then, I believe it is a loosing battle, because,  as I can see skills migrate, quality improves in third world.

One good thing is, today the skilled work force is very mobile, hence even in third world, high quality personnel command first world wages. Hence first world sweat shops might still survive for another decade.

First world fabricators who chase cheap price in third world will sooner or later will shoot themselves in the foot, because, in third world, the good detailers command first world wages and are mobile.

In the natural progression of things,  detailing skills will gradually disappear from first world. All detailing will be done in third world, However good detailers in third world may not be very cheap

Our philosophy with knowledge-based work is that training is everything. Approval drawings are for the client to check whether they have missed something, not for them to check whether we have done something wrong. This philosophy has taken us to the forefront of high quality steel detailing where we get virtually no mark-ups on our approval drawings.

We understand the cost of phone calls from shop or site for you. Not just for you, it costs us to get a phone call from the shop or site. Hence we take care. Australia is a small market; we have to get repeat work from you. The only way we can make sure of that is give you no problem drawings and no headaches with unnecessary RFIs and queries.

The savings generated by a highly trained detailer save money and time for our clients. We do not employ anyone with less than five years’ experience in steel detailing.