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If you are looking for a detailer with a lot of experience in detailing Balustrades, Picket Railing, Curtain Walls, Railings and Facades, then you have come to the right place.

We are fully conversant with Australian balustrades (glass balustrade and picket balustrades type) , the type of fittings to be used, the types of glasses normally used. Also we take care of the Australian standards AS1428, and AS1657. So even if the Architect has missed something, rest assured that we will find and rectify problems if there are any.  Full checking to both the above standards are carried out on all our jobs.

Monash Green Chemicals Glass Balustrades

We are familiar with a range of fittings; however if you do not have a preference we would recommend Axiom products for the design we undertake.

We have done enough metal works jobs to save you from unnecessary time spent on emails in between approvals. Most of our shop drawing proposals go through the first time.

Site measure drawings are clearly marked out as to what items need to be site measured. We will provide you with Youtube videos of your job on request so that appearances can be viewed on iPhone and tablets. You will shorten your lead-time and cut your project cost when we are on the job.