CAD Engine for Structural Steel

Open Invitation to participate in developing Structural Steel Cad Engine.


Almost all reasonable cad systems are priced significantly high to suck out any money detailing companies can generate. Most detailing companies will find pretty soon that the only party benefiting from their effort is the software vendors.

I am interested in developing a cad system which can take a lot of work from the high end cad systems to an open source system /low priced (under $1000) where significant amount of work can be done and at some point of time the model can be read into any of the commercially available high end cad system.

The invitation is open to all types of participants

  1. Developers who know a good deal about cad engines, and data structure for structural steel.
  2. Financiers who can chip in.
  3. Any one who has reviewed open source cad systems and has a good grasp of how that works (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  4. Brilliant College students who can contribute.

What can we provide.

  1.  Some amount of low level funding
  2. Can put together a brilliant team in India recruiting from the top end of the town.
  3. Review and evaluation of design strategy.
  4. A market, which will pay to buy anything useful.

List of Opensource Cad Systems.

Contact with your ideas and proposals

Tools for BIM Review

lpcorp for wood design

RISA-3D РHad dwg Underlay options can export to sdnf

Demo download page for RISA

History of Cad Systems


Developing Light Weight Cad System for Structural Steel Modelling Member placement.

  1. Main Cad database must have only the End Point definition and Rotation definition along with Profile offset distance in x, y and z direction of the member.
  2. All profile information must come from a profile database.
  3. Any cut on the main profile is to be defined as a set of points and linear dimension which represents the depth of cut along with direction information in relation to the member on which the cut is applied.
  4. All 2d drawings must have only an index in the main cad database. 2d drawings must exist as a separate database with a foreign key in the main cad database.

If you are reading this can you get us started in the right direction.

Parabuild is a steel detailing solution built on top of Autocad.

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