Converting Engineering Components to Detailing Components

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What do we want to do?

  1. We have received a Tekla model from someone.
  2. The model we have received was built using an Engineering Modelling license.
  3. We have a full detailing license.
  4. There are components in this model, but we can’t number them because they were produced using an engineering license. If you want to number them, well they ought to have been created with a detailing license. So what do we do now?
  5. The only way to number these components is to first convert these components to a “detailing component”. The detailing component is a “type” of component.
  6. The problem is that there is no method exposed by the Tekla “Open” API which allows us to programmatically call this functionality. Also to make things more confusing: the nomenclature used in the user interface is different to the nomenclature used by the creators of the Open API.
  7. So what then is the solution?

The Solution

Here is a video explaining both the problem and demonstrating a solution:


And here is the code which actually does the work:


I hope you learned something!

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      there is no training for the Tekla API, but you are welcome to follow our blog posts – I will be posting code which you may view. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away.


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