Ferrule Comparison – How to check for clashes in the starter bars for two adjacent panels (Demo Video)

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How are you going to ensure that the starter bars do not clash? You’ve got 1000s of panels to detail and a dozen detailers working on different projects. How are you going to manage this?


What is the problem?

Consider this situation – you’re got a marking plan in front of  you. You want to make sure that the ferrules in corner panels do not clash. How are you going to do that?

How would you solve the problem?

You’d have to find the corner panels, and then go to the appropriate drawing – both of them mind you – and you’d have to make sure that they are at different heights. That can get very tedious and it’s very time consuming, and more than likely, you’ll make some mistakes – because the panel elevations might not be adjacent to each other.

It’s not the easiest thing to see and compare in AutoCAD.

What is a better way to solve the problem?

But now you have a tool which allows you to easily compare the heights of the ferrules in two panels, straight from the marking plan.

There’s a lot of code and logic which goes with this. Perhaps I will outline it in another blog post.

Code Synopsis

For a very, very brief description of the overall route used, you can check out the code synopsis from my sister blog here. There I post the base class and interfaces used to derive the result – but have excluded all the implementation details.

Video Demonstration

Here is the video demonstration – and yet another example of the type of technologies and innovations you will have at your disposal if you work with us:

Checking for Clashes in Starter Bars between different panels from Tek1 on Vimeo.

We’re always pushing for better, faster and more efficient.

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