Grating Splitting

Why use us for splitting floor plates?

    1. We are experts in splitting floor plates.
    2. Super fast turn around.
    3. Full check report.
    4. Output in Tekla or Autocad.
    5. You can utilize your Tekla license for more productive work.
    6. Cost effective.

Inputs required

  1. Company name
  2. Job number
  3. Jobname
  4. Part start no
  5. Part name
  6. Grating specification
  7. Banded
  8. Maximum allowable unsupported
  9. Span if different from info on catalog
  10. Maxim width if different from catalog
  11. Panel to panel maximum gap
  12. Maximum cantilever length along load
  13. Bar direction
  14. Surface treatment
  15. Galvanized, painted etc
  16. Maximum allowable weight per panel
  17. Delivery date
  18. Estimated sq ft/sqm
  19. Nosing strip (if any)
  20. Is cross bar to be aligned?
  21. Welding instructions?
  22. Special instructions if any


  1. Full set of Grating drawings with piece marks
  2. Over all plan with piece marks,
  3. Excel Check Report with data noted and issues identified, allowing you to easily verify the integrity of the drawings, highlighting:
    • Part Marks,
    • Grating specifications
    • Piece weight, Length and width checks, as well as checks against the grating direction and the maximum unsupported length/width, plus problematic panels highlighted.