Industrial Detailing – Mining and Industrial structures

The Tek1 team has specialists in Industrial detailing for Mining and Industrial structures. We have undertaken detailing of the Francis Creek iron ore project and have also worked on countless commercial and industrial jobs. Our 3D modelling capabilities are second to none and when combined with our extensive experience in steel design and detailing, ensure we consistently deliver accurate, high quality products. With experience expertise and knowledge of conveyor design, design of head chutes and take up units, you will not go wrong when you engage us.

All of our projects are drawn using the latest 3D modelling software (Tekla), which is ideal for complex structures and designs or detailed drawing production. Using the latest software also enables custom tailoring of any required reporting, cutting part lists, assembly part lists, cutting profiles (NC & DXF) or materials billing, as required by the project. If you are using the latest project management software like Fabrol or Fabsuite, we can handle that.

Tek1′s drafting service can take your ideas from concept to completion. We offer complete detailing services for mechanical components used in the materials handling and mining industries. We specialise in special purpose mechanical items, including trolleys, shuttles, pressure vessels, head chutes, transfer stations and conveyors.

Mining Detailing at Tek1

The following video gives a snap shot of what we can do for you. In this example the items detailed are:

  • Transfer stations
  • Conveyors
  • Head Chutes
  • Apron feeders
  • Apron Feeder head chutes
  • Vibrating Grizzlys
  • ROM Bin boards
  • ROM Bin Bars
  • Platforms
  • Stairways and ladders

Please watch our video presentation on mining detailing