Precast Panel Detailing

  • We detail precast wall panels and columns.
  • We work with some of the largest precast fabricators in Australia.
  • 24 full time staff members; 20 full time detailers.
  • Our in-house staff detail (as a collective group) some +18,000 panels per year.
Our Shtick
  • Fast drawings.
  • Accurate Drawings.
  • Extremely low error rates. You save in project time, overall costs. Our processes are geared to trap every possible error.
 How do we do it?
  • We invest heavily in software; Good processes.
  • We have the best staff: highly experienced. Each individual staff member details some 1000-2000 panels a year so they’ve seen it all.
Seeing is believing – proof:
  • We have built hundreds of tools which makes things quick – this is why we are unbeatable in terms of speed and accuracy.
  • We are releasing just two to the public:


Precast Blog:
  • Check out our precast blog. We discuss technical matters and provide demos and also provide a significant amount of code that can be useful for you.