SDS2 Detailing

Detailing for US Clients with SDS2

US detailing is heavily tilted towards SDS2.

In order to remain competitive in the market, Tek1 is now bringing in SDS/2 into their tool box.

There is a reasonable skill pool available in Chennai for SDS/2. We have recruited one highly experienced SDS/2 team lead.

Our experience with mid level experienced detailers in chennai was extremely poor. So we do not recruit anyone on the number of years quoted on the resume or based on a short interview and test based on detailing.

Our potential candidates have to pass a rather challenging aptitude and IQ test. Our experience is that the guys with experience do not pass these tests. Hence except for one team lead we usually recruit and train from the top end of the town.

This is an expensive process, but cheaper than recruiting guys with 6 to 7 years experience who lack the ability to learn.

At the moment our team is young in SDS2 except for one person. Others have substantial experience using Tekla and substantial experience in US and Australian steel.

We hope to graduate to large US project within 6 months time.