Steel Detailing Deliverables

Our deliverables are:
1. Erection Plan Drgs
2. Cast In Plate and Ferrule location drgs for Precastor
3. Anchor Bolt Plans
4. Assembly Drgs
5. Part drgs on Gather Sheets.
6. 3d pdf for viewing
7. Tekla BIMSight Model
8. On request –  IFC model or 3d Acad Model
9. Plate dxf files for NC cutting
10. On request shaft NC files.
Standard Reports are
1. Bolt summary
2. Erection Bolt List
3. Assembly List
4. Part List
5. Assembly Part List
6. Material List
7. Bridging List
If requested at quote stage 
Delivery of following Items incur significant detailing cost.
1. Advance Bill of material
2. Weld Map Drawings
3. Detailed notation of each Weld
4. Custom Drawing Templates.