Steel Detailing Trainees

How to arrange for an Interview

Please follow the flow chart.


Following the instructions on how to apply for the position is an important part of our screening process. Steel detailing inherently requires detailers to have attention for detail. If you cannot follow the instruction on how to apply for the position, you will likely fail as a detailer. So our screening process starts right at the point of submitting the application.

You will be required to take an online test from your home at your convenience as the first part of our selection process.

Once you pass the first test, you will have to come in for another test in our office. This second test can be organized in Kochi as well.  If you get good score and then pass the immediate personal interview, you will be made an offer on the spot.

The fact that you were made an offer , indicates that you are likely to succeed in the job. However there are further milestones you will have to cover before you will be offered a permanent position. (Mainly to do with how well you complete the training and probation period)