Tek1 Courses – AS 1657 & AS 1428 (Australian Standards)

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Experts in AS in Stairs/Handrails/Ladders

We’ve done a lot of work on Australian Standards – both public and private access. We specialise in Steel Detailing – and have a special focus on stairs and ladders. Since we deal extensively in this area, we require all our staff to be thoroughly versed in the Standards. Consequently, we have developed testing frameworks to ensure that all staff are well trained and accountable.

Our Testing Infrastructure Now Freely Released to the General Public

We are now releasing our testing framework to the public at no charge. These tests should help you learn and reinforce your knowledge of Australian Standards – namely, AS 1657 and AS 1428.

We hope and trust you will find it of immense benefit.

Keep people safe – design and build according to the safety standards prescribed by law.

Where are the courses?

  1. Follow the link: http://tek1engineeringservices.com/onlinetests/course/index.php?categoryid=5
  2. Click on the relevant course
  3. It is best to create your own account – I know it’s a pain but it’s the best way. If you really don’t want to you can log in with a common account available to the public, but there are serious limitations with that approach – this is because everyone will be using this account and you’ll be picking up where someone else has left off – a half finished test for example. If you want to do the latter, here are the credentials – but I strongly urge you to create your own account: 
    • username: student 
    • password: password
  4. Enjoy the course!


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