How Tek1 solves the problem of Ordering Items in Precast Panel Detailing Projects (Precast)

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Demonstrates the output of Tek1 Order forms – in precast projects.
Counting Items is difficult

Ordering parts in precast panel projects is tricky. You need a BOM (Bill of Materials). You need to know what you need and how much. When there are thousands upon thousands of parts – that can be a very tricky endeavour.

 Why should you bother counting inventory?

It all comes down to money. And how much of it you tie up in your inventory. And how quickly you’re gonna use it. Financial liquidity is like blood and oxygen. Without it, no organisation can survive. And you can maximise your liquidity (and profits too) if you manage your inventory well. You should be able to answer these questions:

  • How much inventory did you pay for?
  • How much inventory is in your shop?
  • How much did you use up in your projects?
How Tek1 solves inventory problems: Demo Video

We give you accurate numbers about what you’ve ordered. And what you need to order. This is how we come up with a Bill of Materials:




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