Tekla–AutoCAD: Interoperability Tool

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Tekla – AutoCAD Interoperability Tool

Tekla licenses are pricey. About $30k + maintenance per license. That’s expensive. And if you had 10 licenses, or perhaps even 50 licenses, what if I told you that you needed: 30-50% less licenses than you currently hold? That’s a huge cost saving. If you only need 5 licenses, then you’ve saved $150k instantly, plus maintenance. You can now do that.

AutoCAD licenses are significantly cheaper than Tekla.

But if only the work you did in AutoCAD could be transferred into Tekla? That would save you some licenses.

That’s just what I’ve done here in my latest project. You can check it out here:

Tekla – Autocad Interop. from Tek1 on Vimeo.

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