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It seems that there is a dearth of Tekla Resources on the Open API. I haven’t found much online, but what I have found, I will post here for your benefit.

The most important resources are as follows:

  1. The Open API Reference.

This was produced by Trimble and is the go-to place for information about classes and methods etc. There are some code examples also given. You can download it all from here. There are some basic code examples in there which is well worth investigating.

2. Trimble Open API Examples:

Extremely valuable. Thank you Trimble! If you want to see older examples, you’ll have to revert to another branch in the tree.

3. Tekla ExtraNet

A fairly good resource, but the problem is that in order to have access there, you need to pay maintenance. Not everyone wants to do that. Plus the forum is extremely restrictive in terms of what you can and can’t post.

4. Tek1 Blog on the API.

There is a wealth of Tekla Open API articles and resources on this site: you can read them here. It will be growing and growing with increasingly sophisticated plug-ins and I’ll be providing the code for you in the above pages.

5. Teklanology Blog:

You can checkout a blog from my estimable colleague.

And you can learn much from there. Mr Dale doesn’t post everyday, but when he does, it’s good. Here is his GitHub page as well.

6. Software Solutions – Tekla Blog:

This provides you with some handy code examples.

7. Tekla Application Library

I love to pay out Trimble for their API but I must give them credit where due – here is an application library they created. But unfortunately, the documentation is lacking. I’m convinced that if you know how to use it, it will save you time.

8. Tekla & AutoCAD Blog

Check it out here!

In my opinion it is a very nice blog – but I am partial to it, I confess. Learn some powerful techniques to manipulate the API, even though certain objects/methods are not exposed – there are ways around it!

If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to post them here. And I will share it to the world.

9. Cad Support Blog

Looks like quite a nice blog with a few code samples to aid in your learning.


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