How Tek1 solves the problem of Ordering Items in Precast Panel Detailing Projects (Precast)

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Counting Items is difficult Ordering parts in precast panel projects is tricky. You need a BOM (Bill of Materials). You need to know what you need and how much. When there are thousands upon thousands of parts – that can be a very tricky endeavour.  Why should you bother counting inventory? It all comes down […]

What is a lifter? What is a tail bar? Why are they required in precast panels? (Precast – Lifter Series: Part I)

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Precast panels are heavy. Cranes are used to lift the panels into place into their appropriate place. Because the mass involved is significant, it is very important that all the components of the lifting system are properly engineered and designed. If this is not the case then the panel could fall – and that can […]